• What processes do i need to complete when staff finish as our employee?

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  • Hi @RuaFarm

    MBIE have some really great resources all for when an employee leaves your business, including checklists!

    They've also got a whole section on employing and managing staff.

    It looks like a great little website with helpful resources.

  • Was it an amicable resignation?

    Either way, I've used two really good services to check that i've done everything correctly.

    1. Employment New Zealand- it lets you know what to do for final pay or if it's a bit messy, what you're obligated to do.

    2. Employerline - It's free and they only talk to employers (it literally tells you to hang up if you're not an employer!).

    it's taken me a few years but I'm starting to get the hang of it!

  • Hi @RuaFarm

    There are 2 main things I tick off my list on the last day of employment.

    Final pay - include any accrued leave (doesn't include sick leave)
    Exit interview - hopefully gives you insight into what worked well / what didn't

    I've also surreptitiously glanced through an ex-employee's ute as he had tried to take a chainsaw on his 2nd last day.

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