• I would like to be able to import our monthly credit card statement into Cash Manager, as we do with bank accounts and Farmlands, so the credit card bill can be split according to codes each month. Can this be done? If not does anyone have any workarounds, other than just manually adding each code up on a pad! Thanks

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  • @Abi Thanks for that Abi. Am I right in saying, that if I follow this method each line amount (as in each transaction on the credit card statement) will show as a separate line on the transaction screen? As in the credit card transactions will show as the bank feed does, rather than as the Farmlands statement does (with one total amount broken down into individual line amounts / transactions)? Hope what I'm trying to say makes sense, thanks!

  • You can manually import your credit card statement into Cashmanager - to do this you need to export/save your credit card statement in a QIF or CSV format from your bank - then from the transaction screen you need to select import - and then the name of your bank - this will bring up a box where you are able to browse for the data file path (the file that you have saved) - select the correct file and click on import and you will have the transactions from your credit card - ready to be coded.

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